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We believe that life is better lived in community.

Small Groups

While Sunday mornings are the first step in connecting with others, it can be difficult to fully develop relationships while sitting in a service. Meeting in a small group will give you an opportunity to develop deeper relationships and continue to take steps forward in your faith. Regardless of your life stage, relationship status, or zip code, we would love for you to connect with one small group in your community this week.


Because we all have a different starting point in our faith, we’ve developed a series of bible studies to help you grow on your faith journey. These studies are informal and take place in homes or coffee shops throughout the community. If you’re looking to take the next step on your journey then this is a great place to start.


We have a children’s program that runs concurrently with our Sunday worship service.  Our goal is to provide a fun and safe environment where our kids can create friendships and grow in their understanding of God.

Middle School

Our middle school focus is all about engaging in an experience for the younger generation. We have an exciting program that runs during our weekend services, as well as events throughout the year.

High School

Our high school focuses on creating a space where teenagers from all backgrounds can grow on their spiritual journey, while building important relationships along the way. We meet most Friday evenings for activities and devotionals, as well as meany exciting events and camps throughout the year.

Simple Truth

At a time when college students are making big decisions for their lives, we believe in having a strong presence on the campuses in the Kansas City area. We partner with Simple Truth, which is a student led ministry at KU and UMKC. They organize a number of activities, events and bible discussions to help students to grow on their faith journey.

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Habla Español?

¡Tenemos un ministerio activo en español y les invitamos a que participen! Nos reunimos en charlas bíblicas para compartir tiempos juntos, aprendiendo de Dios y su palabra. También, hacemos estudios bíblicos individuales en español para los que quieran conocer a Dios y restaurar su fe en un estudio más profundo y personal.